Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Master Bedroom Moodboard.

Master Bedroom Moodboard

Too often, at least for me, things are pinned to pinboard on my Pinterest page and never looked at again.  I have specific pinboards for different rooms in our future home. One for the kitchen, one for the master bedroom, one for Wyatt, even  one for the laundry room.


And even within specific boards, I can see a slow progression from one style of decorating to another. When we first started building, I wanted everything white. White trim, white cabinets, white sofas (slip-covered, but seriously—Wyatt would love to destroy that), and even white curtains.  Since then, I’ve become a bit addicted to DIY blogs (YHL, BowerPower, iHeart are some of my favorites). And because of these people sharing their homes with the inter-web, I’ve realized that chances can be taken while decorating your home. Mistakes can be made. And its nobody’s business but your’s what color you paint your front door.


Because let’s be honest, you’re the one who looks at it day in and day out. Who cares what they think? Winking smile


Anywho… in trying to remember what I have planned for rooms in our home, I’ve tried to pull together key elements and place them into moodboards.


If you don’t frequent blogs (I’m not sure how anyone can’t read them… they’re wonderfully addictive, you need to get on that), a moodboard is a gathering of images, swatches, furniture pieces, etc. placed into one image, usually accompanied by a source list. It compiles all ideas for a room into one image, making it possible to see how different fabrics and textures will play together either nicely or not so nicely.


So, since my madre recently gifted us a bedroom suite (|), I thought I should create a moodboard so I don’t flounder when it comes time to decorate the room!


Master Bedroom Moodboard

sources: curtains- from World Market, sheets- Better Homes & Garden Sheets from Wal-mart, these lovely hello there/good morning pillows- from this Etsy shop.


So there you have it, my plan for the bedroom. The furniture is the stuff I mentioned above, the quilt is from Target, one we’ve had for a while. And the flooring, well, I’m DIYing that. Smile



Happy Wednesday everyone!



  1. I think everybody has a decorator hiding inside. They may not know it, but it's there. I think the biggest mistake people make is listening to what others tell you to like, and what's in style. Style is a very personal thing, and no one else can make your home as warm and inviting as you can. If your style is an empty pizza box on the coffee table and peanut shells on the floor, then so be it.

    Right now I pretty much hate everything that's 'in style'. I'm of the opinion that there is no 'style' to it. The colors are drab, and the nic nacs/dishes/art are bland and sterile. But, that's me. I'm more of a 'deep, rich color, dark, warm wood, heavy fabric and carved furniture kinda' gal, with room for the empty pizza box on the coffee table occasionally, and I prefer my peanuts boiled.

    If you're not finding what you like 'new, then find it 'old'. Thrift Stores, yard sales, estate sales, ebay,..or make it. I've seen some wonderfully up-cyled old things.

    When we built our house, I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought white and green were the 'it' colors, because that's what everyone was doing at the time. It got old fast. I quickly tired of cleaning my white tile floors 3x a day, and every little speck of dust from my white counter tops. I had the same dust issues with my wall to wall hunter green carpet. Carpet is all that was in the budget at the time, but I really should have chosen something more neutral. I had to live with that for quite a while before we took the financial plunge, and put in hard wood floors. That one little change turned into a big change. Almost over night, we decided we no longer wanted any of the furniture in the living room or the dining room. We got rid of the furniture store matchy-matchy dining room set, and had the wonderful good fortune of finding a beautiful old 7' x 4' oak table with legs too big to wrap my hands around. It was hiding under years of grime and rings of...hunter green paint. Someone had used it to stand on to paint something...hunter green. Bill took the table into the garage, and breathed new life into it. Later, we found a couple of Lord Raffles Carved Lion chairs, for a fraction of the original price, in a second hand novelty shoppe in Glen Burnie. Those 3 things brought out our inner Renaissance, and that's the direction we took. It had served us well, and we're still happy and comfortable with it after more than 10 years.

    I think maybe I need to start my own blog :-/


    1. Hah! I love it, Elaine!! For me, I love If you haven't checked that out, you definitely should. It gives you great ideas for building your own furniture.

      As for styling, I think I'm still figuring it all out. I definitely like older pieces of furniture and would pick an old farmhouse table over a new one any day. :-)

      I can't wait to get into the new house so I can start figuring it all out. I just hate the idea of forgetting something in the mean time!