Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lazy Sunday

I wouldn't normally make a post about Wyatt and I doing absolutely-nothing all day long, but I caught some great photos today and couldn't wait to share them.

I probably fill up my friends' facebook notifications waaaay too much with pictures of my cute little man, so I thought maybe I should start posting them here instead. Those that want to partake in my daily rants and adorable photos are more than welcome to click away, while those others that are staring at their computer screens asking, "Why does she think the entire world cares about how cute her son is while standing in the kitchen/sitting in the living room/riding in the car/walking at the park/picking his own nose/etc?!"

Anyway, here are a few snap shots of our lazy Sunday.  {It should be noted that while we were having a lazy day of eating leftover lasagna, folding a few loads of clothes, and wiping the trim down in the bathroom with a Magic Eraser---okay, it was Wyatt's lazy Sunday, Mama tried to get some junk done-- the hubster was at the property, in the freezing cold, add some housewrap to the house. He works like a Trojan. Bless his heart.}

Check out those feet. ::heartmelts::

Yep, he's playing under the bathroom sink. At one point he was sitting completely inside of it, with the door closed. Is that weird?

We have nothing in our vanity drawers anymore. Everything has been put into a high cabinet on the other side.

Anywaaaaay, I hope you enjoyed the newest photos {you=Kim, since she's probably the only person who reads my blog. Although I think Tina and Tambra check it out pretty regular too}.



  1. Yeah. I always like to see pictures of Wyatt doing everyday things, because I don't actually get to see him to everyday things on an everyday basis :/ I've been missing all of you guys so much lately :(

    1. Me too. There are so many things I do during the week when I think, "Man, when we finally move to Hammondville we can do this stuff with Kimberley, because she'll be right over the mountain." You will, won't you? Promise!

  2. I do, in fact, read your blog all of the time and I LOVE pitcures of Wyatt Lee! The more the better in my opinion.

    1. See, I knew I could count on you. lol

      I guess I just hate to fill up everyone's facebook feed, then turn around and post all the same pictures to the blog. I figure if I post them just to the blog more family gets to see them, as Colt's dad doesn't have a facebook. He only checks the blog. :-) At least, I think he checks the blog.