Thursday, March 14, 2013

Matchy Matching.

I got an e-mail from my Aunt Beki this week inviting us to her and my Uncle Sam's annual Easter Cookout. It's probably one of the only times during the year that my family gets together (and even then, it's only a small number of my side of the family, but lots of Aunt Beki's side show up too!).

Easter is also one of the only times during the year that Colt knowingly wears matching outfits. ;-)

And of course, I L-O-V-E for all three of us to match.

{I would do it every single day if I could. I am that weird.}

 So, I went to my go-to-matchy-match outfit place today {via the web. Puh-lease? Me leave the house when I don't have to? Riiiiight.} Old Navy is a GREAT source for finding clothing across the family that matches in some way. Within each season they maintain the same color schemes, so you can pretty much always locate the same hues/tones for every member of your family. And this way, by each of the 3 of us getting something within the same color scheme, we don't all end up wearing the same easter-egg-sweater-vest.

 Anyway, clothes were ordered. But I thought I'd share what I picked up. {And that I got an additional 15% off just for ordering online, today only! Which saved me around $10!}

*update! Now through St. Patty's Day Old Navy is offering 17% off online orders! Yeah, I'm bummed I missed out on that extra 2%, but now it's got me thinking about beefing up Wyatt's summer wardrobe while there's a tiny sale.

The guys already have jean shorts that they'll wear with the tops. And goodness knows I have tons of things to accessorize the t-shirt dress with. After shipping was added, our bill came to $65ish. Not too bad! {Oh! and not pictured is a $20 pair of faux leather flip-flops for Colt. I would've added that to the image too, but who cares about big-man-shoes? Its the cute little-man-shoes I wanted to show off!}

Thursday, March 7, 2013

just paint it.

I love DIY blogs. Probably unhealthily so. I read some of my favorites every single day. And sometimes the bloggers to two posts. I read both.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My child is gifted. In his own way.

Let’s be real. There’s no need to sugar coat things amongst friends. As a teacher, you hear the words, “My child is gifted,” very often. And more often than not, as a teacher, you inwardly roll your mind’s eye.

It’s not that I don’t believe your child is wonderful. It’s not even that I don’t agree with you. Your child very well might be the most gifted student I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. But it’s hard for any parent to remain impartial in a situation where aptitude and ability are concerned.

And as a new parent, I can wholeheartedly see why. Wyatt is God’s answer to all the wrongs in the world. He will cure cancer, develop a rocket ship that will maneuver the universe {vague enough, Aunt K?}, and probably preserve the world’s rainforests. All before 30. 

What? A hat that doubles as a tupperware bowl? Genius!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little bit o' paint. Whole lotta love.

Messing around with more paint today, so I though I could get the little guy in on some.

This was a simple craft, but I think it might be my most favorite in the history of the world. {Yes, above Monet and van Gogh.}

Really simple. Splotched various colors onto a plate, then I pushed Wyatt's hand down into the mess.

Next step, I used his hand as a human-stamp ;-)

He pulled to the side just as I was pulling his hand up, but I just took a brush and used water to dilute the smudges, then I wiped it dry with a towel. Yes. That works. It's totally like the method that nail techs use for french-tipped-manicures. You just swish until the unneeded paint is gone. Then wipe away the water.

Enjoy my lovie's scrumptious hand print. {I just want to eat him up.}