Wednesday, October 22, 2014

There is paint on the walls.

Did you hear me?

There is paint on the walls in our home.


Just last weekend, the walls in the kitchen were still rocking my extremely messy first try at drywall. I sanded until I couldn’t feel any transitions from mud to drywall, and I couldn’t feel any more bows or bulges at the seams.

Not to mention these beauts arrived Thursday.

Needless to say,  Colt and I were itching to get those cabinets installed ASAHP. (as soon as humanly possible).

Colt worked on Sunday, so while he was away making all this possible, I loaded Wyatt and Granny up and we headed to the HD and picked up some primer, and a couple paint samples.

The one on the left is BM’s Revere Pewter, while the one on the right is Glidden’s Polished Limestone.


I’ve been looking at grays for a while, so I immediately leaned towards the cooler Polished Limestone.  But it still seemed a bit too dark.

While pondering paint colors and fussing over whether I was making this decision WAY too complicated, I went ahead and cut in and primed the kitchen.

Even with only primer on the walls, it is starting to feel absolutely amazing. AMAZING.

Then on Monday, Wyatt and I headed back to HD and picked up two more samples.


One in Snowfield White, and the other in Universal Grey (both Glidden colors). I really wanted to like the Snowfield White, as I thought it was the perfect super light gray, but it just read as a cool-off-white to me, not gray enough.  The Universal Grey seemed like the color I was going for—a cool light gray. So there it is. Universal Grey.

Sidenote: does it bother anyone that paint colors seem to always use the British spelling for gray? Why can’t we just spell it grey and be done with it?

On Tuesday, Wyatt and I headed out to the house. While he drew pictures on the cabinets boxes and stacked spare pieces of wood, I painted the kitchen…

And, BONUS, caught a second wind and finished sanding the bathroom, and painted the primer!


To say that I am excited about this progress is such an understatement.

And even better news, Colt met with a ductwork supplier and picked up all our of ductwork today. (!!!!) So much closer to move-in day.


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