Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We're working on a building...

We're working on a building, for my Lord, for my Lord...

At least, this seems to always be in my head when we're working on the house these days.

{Yes, we like bluegrass music. Alot. Surely if you know us, you knew that? Right?}


Colt went drove out after work Wednesday to frame up the bathroom while Wyatt and I had dinner together back at our other casa. He worked well into the late afternoon and ended up not getting home until 11, which makes me for a very early morning on Thursday {poor husband}.

Bathroom that Colt framed Wednesday. {Sorry! Forgot to take actual pictures!}

Then after a horrible Friday night, we got up early to pour a concrete pad around our well.

After thinking about just building a simple pump house to keep the well, water tank, and pump safe, we ultimately decided that the well was just too close to the house to bother making it detached.

So on Saturday we added a 10x12 slab onto the back of the house, creating a wonderful utility room which will one day house the washer, dryer, water tank, and hopefully lots of storage!

 Honestly, after pouring the concrete Colt and Uncle Billy {who comes out to help most weekends along with Auntie} went up the hill to bury Brylee. After that, neither one of us had the heart to do anything else. We ended up napping in the afternoon with Wyatt and having a late supper together.

On Sunday we got up refreshed {or as refreshed as you can be after sleeping on a mattress made for an RV. #blah} and ready to work to get something marked off our list for the weekend.

Colt decided that although we could start house-wrapping, he'd rather just finish up the roof and call it quits for the weekend. So that's what we did. {Who am I to judge his work ethic? He just buried his dog. He can do whatever he wants.}

So after a particularly difficult weekend, we end up here:

*    have well dug
*    install H-structure for electrical box
*    dig underground power
*    set posts
*    trusses
*    roof system!
*    install well-pump and tank
*    frame downstairs
*    frame upper level
*    rough-in all windows
*    order windows
*    Get some doors!
*    Pour utility room concrete pad
Install last two roofing sheets
Frame restroom
*    Frame utility room
*    House wrap!
*    Plywood time
*    Insert/secure windows and doors (completing dry-in!)
*    Build roof over porch


  1. So sorry about Brylee... I wanted to comment on your last post, but I was too teary eyed to be sure that I would even make sense. :)

    By the way, my Papaw's bluegrass band use to sing (and actually recorded) "Working On A Building". It's one of my favorites!

    1. Thanks, Leslie. Colt and I were just so shocked. We had talked about what we would do in a few years when she died of old age. We were already worried about how Wyatt was going to take it. {We always assumed she would live about 10 years, giving W just enough time to get attached.}

      She was such a great dog. I'm not sure if I'll ever fully trust another dog around Wyatt; she was just so great with him.

      As for the bluegrass, we love it. Bill Monroe is one of Colt's idols. lol We go to a couple different fesitvals every year-- Boxcar Memorial Bluegrass Festival, Dumplin Valley Bluegrass, and Three Sisters. Do you ever go?

  2. I haven't been to any in a few years (well, since my pawpaw died, really). During school, even up through high school, we were at a different festival almost every weekend. I loved it! If we ever get back towards home, I'd love to get back in the habit of attending.

    1. They're so much fun, and we love hanging out at the campgrounds to play with random people. Colt and some of our family actually get together quite often during the summer to just sit around a bonfire and enjoy playing music together. Colt plays the guitar, banjo, and mandolin. I took up the mandolin a few years ago, but I have to admit that since Wyatt got here {and even while I was pregnant} I haven't played at all. It would be great to get together when you're back in the area!