Friday, August 3, 2012

10 months already?!

Ten months ago, I was in active labor with my WL. That day, I was scared of so many things.

Would childbirth be the most terrifying thing I've ever or will ever experience?

Will this baby change my husband's and my life into something horrible?

Will I be a good mother?

Then I met our little guy, and of course he was perfect.

When he went into the NICU a day and a half later, I was completely blindsided. I had given birth to a healthy baby boy, not one that would need NICU services, and definitely not one labeled "premature" at 36 weeks 5 days. My doctor had broke my water for Pete's sake!

I prayed so hard those 9 days. I prayed he would keep growing. I prayed he would grow big and strong. I prayed that he would live up to his name {brave, strong, and hardy}.

And then he was finally released from the hospital.

We went home.

He learned to hold his head up.

He began sleeping through the night.

He sat up.

He rolled over.

He said, "Dadda."

He crawled.

He babbled.

He pulled to standing.

He stood.

And before I knew, I glanced at the calendar today and realized that I don't have an infant anymore. That's long gone. I have a 10 month old!

Ten months ago, I was terrified of so many things about becoming a parent.

Now, after that stretch of time, I've realized the most terrible, horrible thing about actually being a parent is this:

You pray they will grow up; then they do.


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