Friday, July 20, 2012

Pouring concrete on a rainy day is like...

...being between a    rock  and a wet   place.
Wednesday was a very special day in our little home. It was the accumulation of years of dreaming. Wednesday was pour day; concrete, that is. 

But with the weather looking rather damp, we were a bit nervous.

Of course, a more zoomed in radar map showed us that we didn’t really have much to worry about—Colt and the concrete guys had plenty of time between downpours to get the concrete poured, finished, and covered. After it was shielded with plastic, Colt assured me that it would be protected from the rain.

Here are some photos of Colt and the concrete guys working. They were the NICEST people and have been very helpful in getting us ready for this day.

Click any of the images to enlarge them!

The concrete guys even stayed around with Colt for a couple hours after the job was done to make sure the finish sustained during the rain. They operated above and beyond what we had expected and will use them again in the future for sure!


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