Sunday, September 16, 2012

One month countdown...

With less than a month left to prepare for Wyatt’s first birthday, lots of things are going on. First, the hubster and I have put building on pause while we ready our home for visitors. That’s right—we’re trying to keep Wyatt’s first birthday small and at home. Second, we finally sold our old 4-wheeler and the hubs’ latest impulse-buy: the ’87 RamCharger. Both have really helped in getting the yard ready for visitors, as it has cleared out lots of parking space and enabled Colt to clean out the garage (|). But, back to the little man at hand… birthday.

I know, I know… birthdays are the best time to branch out, rent a small amusement park, and hire trained monkeys to dance with the guests.

But let’s be real—Wyatt is 1! And this isn’t an episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen Birthday Bash (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can check out the madness here).

So, in trying to keep things simple, I have been searching {for months now} a basic theme to surround the party with. I have debated over lots of thing, pinning different things on my Pinterest {if you haven’t become part of the pinterest revolution, you need to check it out asap!}. First I wanted to do a Super Why! theme, then I wanted Pete the Cat, and then I had given up a character theme all together and opted for a basic green/blue/yellow color scheme.

Then, last week, while perusing for cake toppers, I found what I’d been looking for.

You see, I’ve always wanted a little boy. I have even always said I would have a boy first. Then when we chose to not find out our baby’s gender, I got really nervous about all my wishing and hoping—so I just stuck out the pregnancy with, “I would like a boy, but I love little girls as well.”

Then Wyatt showed up and I saw stars-- and bugs, snails, dirty hands, and bow ties.

So when I happened upon this—I knew I had found just the thing to plan Wyatt’s first birthday bash around.

Why didn’t I think of that? So simple. Everyone little guy needs a fake mustache to play with. And what little man wouldn’t want an entire party dedicated to looking more like Tom Selleck?

After searching around the internet for a while, I found some lovely cupcake toppers that have a blue and green border with a brown parchment paper design. (For anyone who’s ever received a Christmas gift from me, you know that I wrap everything in brown shipping paper—no silly prints for this girl. Pretty bows only.)
The little man’s party is slowly coming together. I’m trying to keep things simple and not get caught up in petting zoos and magic acts… but I have to admit, bobbing for apples doesn’t sound like going overboard—right?! ;-)

Well, maybe I'll keep it a bit more simple than that. Maybe hotdogs, lemonade, and fake mustaches on sticks. And cupcakes, of course. I think my favorite part might be preparing for the cake smash. I absolutely can't wait for that one. 

Until then-- here are some cuties to gaze at in preparation for Wyatt's own Mustache Birthday Bash!
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