Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little bit o' paint. Whole lotta love.

Messing around with more paint today, so I though I could get the little guy in on some.

This was a simple craft, but I think it might be my most favorite in the history of the world. {Yes, above Monet and van Gogh.}

Really simple. Splotched various colors onto a plate, then I pushed Wyatt's hand down into the mess.

Next step, I used his hand as a human-stamp ;-)

He pulled to the side just as I was pulling his hand up, but I just took a brush and used water to dilute the smudges, then I wiped it dry with a towel. Yes. That works. It's totally like the method that nail techs use for french-tipped-manicures. You just swish until the unneeded paint is gone. Then wipe away the water.

Enjoy my lovie's scrumptious hand print. {I just want to eat him up.}

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