Saturday, June 30, 2012

June in a nutshell: W=Biter.

June has been my first month as an at-home-mommy. Before this, I was a half-at-home/half-at-school mommy. I was so busy working part-time as a teacher that I often passed myself coming and going. After an entire school year with the part-time schedule, Colt and I decided that it was hardly worth the time we were spending commuting Wyatt back and forth to the Aetna Mtn. Recreation Center (also known as, Auntie's Hill, which was headed by Colt's sister Samantha- which was more of a day camp for relatives and less like a daycare facility, really, since they wouldn't let us pay them). So toward the end of the school year, I let my employer know that I wouldn't be returning next year, but rather staying at home with Wyatt and readying ourselves for the big move out of Hammondville, AL.

In retrospect, June has been a wonderful but very busy month. We started it by taking our first road trip with Wyatt. We traveled 8 hours to witness the graduation of our lovely niece, Taylor.

 As the month progressed, Wyatt became more and more mobile, learning how to pull to standing and clear off end tables from here to the Mississippi.

But the biggest change of all, I think, was inside his tiny little mouth. Because, you see, Wyatt has been sprouting teeth all month long!

In early March, Wyatt began getting his first teeth-- the two bottom middle ones. Then a few months later-- at the end of May to be exact-- he popped his top two teeth.

Since then, for the entire month of June, it seems like a new tooth sprouts once a week.

He's up to 7 now, averaging him a total of 3 teeth for the month of June.

What's he doing with these teeth, you might ask?

Well, he's eating cherrios, vanilla wafers, and pop tarts. He's also taken fancy to gnawing on his crib.

He's also begun biting as a form of affection; which isn't so affectionate.

You might laugh, but this could be serious. I wince each time he comes in for a hug. I have two bite marks on  my left shoulder which have lasted a few days now.

Each time he tries to cuddle, I cringe. The grimace on my face is obvious. Colt even stated at one point that I looked like I was in physical pain.

After some online research, most reputable sources say that biting is a sign of teething (it relieves the  pain to bear down on something) or baby thinks its a game.  As for Wyatt, I can believe either.


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