Monday, July 16, 2012

Lights ON!

For those that don’t know, Colt and I purchased two 5 acre plots a few years ago in a small town in northeast Alabama. When we bought it we had immediate intentions to begin building our dream home and selling the tiny starter home we bought a few months after marrying.

Then life happened. The economy took a sudden plummet. And we decided to stick around in town in order to a) be closer to work/have less of a commute, b) try to stock pile as much money as possible, and c) attempt to ride out the recession in a home that was paid for, in order to hopefully be able to resell for the same/higher amount of cash we paid.

So here we are, 6 years married, 5 years owning 10 beautiful acres, and we have just completed the task of getting electricity installed on said acreage.

But I’m ahead of myself… Let’s back up a few weeks.

For the past three weeks, the hubs has been hard at work trying to appease the local electric company.

He had to create the meter box and structure to attach it to {I always thought the electric company provided that stuff, but $200ish later, I realize I was mistaken}, dig the 2 ft deep trench for the underground power to go through {which involved renting a digging machine}, lay in the conduit {Thanks to our great friend Justin! And India for allowed him the afternoon away from home!!}, provide a rope which had been strung through said conduit {which, ironically enough, necessitated electricity to run a vacuum}, and cover the entire trench neatly to await inspection.

Sounds simple, right?

I assumed we could complete that in one weekend’s time. But after Colt pointed out that I {nor the mouse in my pocket} would really be of much use, he took over.

So for the past three weeks, Colt has gone to work {8-5}, drove to the property {which takes 40 minutes from home/work}, and worked until dark {9 pm-ish}. He has done this for three weeks straight, it seems. 

On the weekends, he has been rising at around 4 am; going straight out to the “house on the hill” to prep the land, the block work, and various other things for all the numerous demands inflicted on it. 

Needless to say, Wyatt and I have operated not so self-sufficiently the past few weeks, often feeling sorry for ourselves and begging Daddy to stay home just one day.

We really love our Daddy-time.

Now, as the property’s electricity has been installed, we {again, the hubs reminds me to forget about the mouse in my pocket and simply tell it how it actually is} headed out this weekend as a family to ready the block and gravel for concrete. In truth {Hah!}, this really means that Colt will move our camper to our power box, plug in the camper, turn the AC on, and leave Wyatt and I to our own devices while he {alone} rolls out the wire, digs footers, and readies any other loose ends for the concrete guys coming this week.

-AC = :-( 4 WL
Sadly, the day did not go as planned. First, Home Depot didn’t have 5/8 inch J-hooks. {So no setting the J-hooks before hand.} Colt couldn’t locate the adapter for the plug-in. {So no AC.} Then the box of screws he purchased for the block didn’t have a drill bit inside. {So no framing any block mishaps with form boards.} And then a storm poured over the valley. {So we loaded everything back up and went home.}

It was the end of a beautiful day. {Sarcasm.}

But, hey, we got to spend the day together, which was such a blessing and well-needed.

 Next up, concrete!


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