Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quick pick!

Well, we finally purchased a high chair for Wyatt!

I know, I know, "He's 9 months old and you JUST got him a highchair?!"

But c'mon! We didn't find out our baby's gender, so we didn't fill our home full of things for baby the way others do. Then when he was born, he couldn't sit up; so there was no need.

Now he's huge and wants to eat everything. PLUS he wants to be in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking.

So I splurged.

Sure I could've picked up the cheapest model out there, but let's be honest... high chairs are sort of ugly. Well, let's be even more honest, they're not sort of ugly, they are.

Why do highchairs have to showcase little cartoon owls from top to bottom?

Why must they be big and bulky or hard and uncomfortable?

I've been perusing Amazon for months trying to find one that I can live with. {Sure it's for Wy, but it has to live in my house too!}And of course, I have an Amazon Prime Membership, so shipping is free {FYI, I am in love with my Amazon Prime Membership-- I've never bought diapers at a store, I never pay for shipping for things, and I get one free book a month for my kindle!}

Finally, I found this Evenflo Modern 300 High Chair!

I really liked the black, but when I saw the blue, I couldn't pass it up!

You should know that this is probably the first piece of furniture I've ever bought for Wyatt that looks gender specific. All of his other stuff is neutral.  {Remember, we had no idea whether his name was going to be Wyatt or Livia for 9 months!}

But hey, he's my boy, right? He needs something blue.. And if we ever have a girl, I'll get some of those sticky letters to monogram the top for her or something.

Until then, here's the quick pick, actually, two quick picks. One the first time I placed Wyatt into his new high chair, and the other after he decided that not only does he like the high chair, but he enjoys eating in it as well.

Needless to say, I think I made the right decision with the blue. He seems pretty happy with it.


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