Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wyatt goes to the park!

Today, instead of sitting around all day, ignoring the housework, and arguing with Wyatt as to whether or not its appropriate to smash a 10 lbs dog into a coffee cup, I decided that we would make a trip to the park.

The weather hasn't been all that great in the past month, as winters here in Chattanooga usually consist of lots of rainy, overcast days. It's been really cold-- we even got snow a few weeks ago (although, truly, snow is rare). So when I noticed the sun shining through the clouds this morning, I knew today might be our only chance this week to get. out. of. the. house.

So we did.

And yes, it was a bit cold. I added Wyatt's toboggan and an insulated vest to keep him warm. I stopped on the way and picked up two burgers and 1 small fry from Burger King. {Yes, I'm on a diet-- but it is more about counting calories. I can account for a burger once a week, no problem!} I made sure to load up the stroller, as I wanted to walk a couple miles too.

So off to Gilbert Stevenson Park we went, which is a local public park that has a great walking track and an adequate play area. {I say adequate because lots of the "jungle gyms" just don't seem safe enough to WL yet. There are too many places where a 1.5 yr old could just drop 5 ft to the ground!} And anyway, Wyatt only likes the slide and the swing. He's not into anything else.

So, while he ate some lunch {he l-o-v-e-s french fries, and since we don't make them or eat them very much, he sat quietly for AN HOUR!}, I walked the track-- with him in his stroller ahead of me.  I walked a little over two miles then decided that he had had enough of the stroller for the day. We zipped over the park side and he swung for a while {cue Johnny Cash's "Just a Swangin'," thank you, Mr. Ambrose from eighth grade science for teaching me this song!}.

After that, I decided to grab a few photos, as I so rarely get the chance to snap photos OUTSIDE. It seems like Wyatt and I are perpetually in the house, and all of his photos are taken as he runs through the kitchen. {Seriously, look back at some of my previous posts. Always in the kitchen.}

Anyway, below are the photos. Hope you enjoy them!

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

It's a UFO?!

Nope, just a bird.

He had a great time, but in this particular photo he was mad because we were heading back to the car. He was very upset that I didn't want to let him hurl himself form the bridge in the background to gain better access to creek running below it! #bossymoms #sheesh

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