Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy birthday to me.


Lots of people have birthday traditions. Some always eat at the same place, some celebrate with big parties, while others try to keep everything low key and let the day pass by quickly.

In my family, we always take a commemorative picture. As long as I can remember, it's been by holding up your hands to show your age {see a two year old holding up two fingers, a 16 year old holding up a cake that says "Happy 16th!" etc!}

My mom makes a big deal about having a picture of her kids on their birthday, whether she can get together with them or not. So I guess I've just gotten into the habit of snapping a picture for her {how can you forget when she calls you and says, "Don't forget to take a picture for me! Remember!!"}

Well, this year she took me out to lunch with W and my nieces, so it was easy not to forget.

Here are a few photos we snapped before heading out for the day:
Me and my Momma!

Kyra, Wyatt, Nanna, and Leilah

And here's my yearly, "I am this many" snap shot.

The big 2-6. And no, Kimberley-- I did not learn how to hold up a 2 and a 6 with my hands. Growing an extra digit did prove to be impossible. ;-)
Anyway, after taking the picture and adding it to my facebook pictures, I scrolled back through and looked at some of my older birthday pictures. I'm sad to say that somewhere between moving out of my parents' home at 18, switching laptops throughout my adult life, I've lost a few years.  Anyone that knows me well knows that not having everything in order bugs the heck outta me, alas, here are a few from the years.

I'm missing 22. BLAH!

I was exhausted here, due to student-teaching; you'll have to excuse that I was too tired to care about snapping the numbers in the correct order!
I was pregnant with WL here and didn't know it! I found out 3 days later!

I was completely exhausted here, due to a 4 mo old who was still sleeping in our bedroom.

And here's one from waaaaay back.

This was just a few years before I realized that in order to work around that satellite-dish-sized-forehead you have to have bangs. So ignore that huge-ginormous-ridiculously big forehead stretched from my eyebrows to a hairline that isn't receding.
That's right, 2004! I was 17! And yes, that handsome young devil sitting next to me is the hubs-before-he-was-the-hubs. He was 19!! Ah, we were such little babes.


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