Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...


{Okay, it’s really not… but a girl can dream, can’t she?}

Even if it's a cheap MSPaint rendition, right?!

Since Wyatt’s birthday has finally come and gone, I’m switching gears and beginning to think about the upcoming holidays.

Halloween is literally next week and I still haven’t even begun to put together a costume for the little guy, nor do we have any plans. This is usually how every Halloween works out; we’ll throw plans together that very day.

And Thanksgiving is spoken for this year, as it is every year. We usually end up at Colt’s aunt’s home with four-wheelers galore. J

And then there’s Christmas.

Last Christmas I was barely making it, living off coffee creamer calories and 1.5 hour sleep increments. Wyatt was just beginning to sleep through the night consistently and his reflux was finally under control—of course, I was still waking 3-6 times a night to just stare at him to make sure he was still alive. {Yes, I’m a first-time mom. And yes, I didn’t trust my child to simply remain alive for 7 hours. And no, I don’t believe you when you say you were never like that.}

But this Christmas, well, it’s going to be something really special! WL is finally at the age where he gets really excited about things. Seeing toys in the floor makes him giggle and he is instantly enchanted by twinkly lights. This kid is going to love Christmas!

I’ve already started a “Wish List” on Amazon to begin corralling ideas. I don’t want to go too overboard with gifts, as I hate the idea of him having so many that he doesn’t appreciate any of them. {I can remember opening a gift, it being absolutely amazing and worthy of hours of swooning, only to say, “NEXT!” at the top of my lungs as my parents placed the next treasure in front of me to devour. I do not want Wyatt to be that kid. That kid was rude and obnoxious.}

I’m hoping to take a note out of Jen’s playbook from over at iHeart Organizing and only focus on beginning a few choice sets that we can build on later. For instance, I’ve been looking at {and absolutely adoring} Melissa and Doug’s Wooden Railway Set. The idea of my little guy waking up to the train tracks set up around the Christmas tree… ah, it would be like the scene when the Grinch’s heart swelled 3 sizes in one day.


I ran the idea by Colt this morning, and he didn’t go for it. He seems to think that Wyatt wouldn’t understand the concept of train tracks quite yet… He might’ve said something along the lines of, “That {stuff} would be strewed all over the place.”

And the mommy in me wants to stomp my foot and scream NOOOOOOO! It would be AMAZINGGGGGGGG!

And then the housewife in me smacks the mommy in me’s forehead and says, “Duh! What a mess!” and I start looking for something else.

I am totally loving everything that Melissa and Doug are putting out… They have fabulous reviews and they meet or exceed safety standards in the US. I’ve read some reviews that say the product isn’t as nice as Thomas, but I’m not ever planning on paying $5 million for a kid’s train set either.

For now, I’m going to continue searching the net for toys I think might work. And yes, I’ll probably buy everything off Amazon. {I can hear my brother-in-law now, “I’ve never heard of anyone buying coffee, dish soap, diapers, and floss off the internet. I wonder if they would sell you a pack of crackers.”} Yes, Kenny. Yes they would. And they would have it to my front door in two business days as well. For free. Because I love my Amazon Prime Membership with the zeal of a child for a new puppy.

It. is. amazing.

Here are some pieces I’m thinking about purchasing or recommending for family to purchase. 




Anyone have any go-to gifts for 1 yr olds? Is there something you bought your son for his first real Christmas that was a huge hit? Maybe something you found later and wish you had discovered earlier? I'd love the input! Comment below with any ideas! 


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