Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Fall at the Gibsons!

Fall is fast becoming my favorite season.

As a teenager, I would’ve sworn my favorite was summer. I loved tanning, spending time with my friends, and enjoying the river with Colt.

Then after high school, I moved to Florida with the hubs {who was just the boyfriend back then} and we bought this horrible golden Volvo that had a shady AC.

I soon loathed summer {and the heat that accompanies!}.

Shortly after we married in 2006, we bought our first home. {It actually took us about a month to find the house, another 30 days to close on it!} Spring was then my favorite season, as I had hopes and dreams of being a fantastic gardener. I believe I killed every plant I bought that year. Whomp, whomp.

Now, having the post-pregnancy-i-still-need-to-lose-10lbs body that I do, fall is quickly becoming my favorite season...

For one thing, I look great when hiding behind a scarf or bulky sweater. It slims me. {lol} I probably have more scarves than I can wear-- and some that I've owned for years and actually never worn. Pinterest has not helped this addiction, as I also have an abundance of t-shirts that can be altered to morph into hoards of scarves. 

And for another thing— Colt and I have been together for 10 years {seriously!}. That means we’ve shared LOTS of holidays together. As a matter of fact, we L-O-V-E the holiday season in our home. Halloween means silly outfits and bonfires, Thanksgiving= four-wheeling and chocolate chip pecan cookies, and of course Christmas brings the joy of Christ’s birth and a few days of R & R together.

{It's early October and we're already relaxing to Michael Buble's Christmas here at home. Sh, don't tell anyone!}

But one thing I’ve never really done is decorate the house for fall.

Sure, I have a centerpiece for my dining room table—it was purchased for my grandfather’s funeral and honestly is more like a memorial keepsake; but that’s pretty much where the d├ęcor has always stopped.

For some reason though, this year feels different. I wanted to welcome Fall in by decorating a bit. I’m pretty sure I just want to make Wyatt’s first official fall special. And of course, there is about to be droves of people descending upon our home in honor of Wyatt’s first birthday {this Saturday!}.

So to prepare, I created a few Fall wreaths using grapevine wreaths from Hobby Lobby and a few silk blooms.

Here’s a few snaps of the house!

And of course, Wyatt is looking as dapper as ever in his sweaters and long-sleeves we're just trying out!


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