Friday, October 19, 2012

Wyatt this Week

This week has sort of creeped by on me. After Wyatt being sick a few weeks ago, then having his birthday bash a week late, we've sort of just hunkered down at home this week and enjoyed the clean house {I love it when we have people over} and our health {an entire week with no fever- do I hear angels singing?!}.

I had to share a few quick pics with you though, as Wyatt never fails to make me laugh.

In this one, he's upset because I could only give him 3.75mL of pink amoxicillin. {Hilarious, because he spits and sputters everything else back into his mother's face!}

This second one makes me feel warm and fuzzy right where my heart is:

And here's one of him ready for his 12 month check-up:

And of course, here's one on Sunday morning... he might be a bit like his mother when he first wakes up in the morning:

Thanks Aunt Kimmy for the awesome astronaut's uniform!

That's all for now! Hope everyone had a wonderful week!



  1. Hooray! He's wearing it! Now take a picture of him in it with a white popcorn bowl on his head. I think it would be so cute.

    1. I will be in search of something! Maybe I can just edit in a little circle?