Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wyatt's Smash Cake: Take 2

I posted late last month my first try at Wyatt's smash-cake.. my second version turned out lots better, and was going to be the final take, but alas, I'm always learning...

This one turned out tons better!

First of all, I did freeze the cakes beforehand. This was SO MUCH easier to frost.

Second of all, I took my time. I baked the cakes on Monday morning, froze them, and added my first layer of frosting later after lunch.

The other layers of frosting (3 more!) were added the next day, giving each layer time to freeze before going on to the next.

I added the dots late into the afternoon and froze the entire cake (Since that was Tuesday and the party wasn't until Saturday).

As it was, W got sick and his party was cancelled... so on Saturday we just took it out and ate it. :-)

I'm glad it worked out that way now, because when he thawed, the colored dots melted down the side of the cake. Good to know: add the dots the day of and do not freeze them.

Next one is the REAL THING. Doing it tomorrow!

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