Saturday, December 15, 2012

DIY Pup Toy

Since finding a DIY t-shirt scarf on Pinterest a few months ago, I've begun piling old t-shirts into a scrap box just-in-case I find something I might want to make myself.

Since bringing the puppy home, I've been searching for something simple to make using the scrap t-shirts I have laying around.

After doing a quick search on pinterest, I found this picture. Most pictures from pinterest are actually links out to other websites, so by clicking the image, you usually get a blog with the instructions. Sadly, this particular link is dead. {Whomp whomp.}

But I figured it couldn't be that hard to replicate, so I tried it out this morning.

Step 1: Cut some strips from your old t-shirts. {whatever colors you want to use. I chose red, green, white, and black-- for Christmas, of course.}


Step 2: Give them a nice stretch.

Step 3: Braid three pieces together, x2. {So you'll have two braided strands.}

Step 4: Knot the two braids together at one end.

Step 5: Twist the braids in the same direction, separately. Hold them tight as you don't lose this twist. {Sorry, I know this is probably a complicated direction, but it was just me + WL when I made the toy, so there was no one to snap a photo and I needed both hands to do it + my mouth to hold the knot still!}

Step 6: Twist the already-twisted-braids around each other, so the prior twists are working against one another.

Step 7: Knot the other end of your twisted braids.

Step 8: Trim edges.

Voila. Dog toy.

Cost: $0.

Which is great, because the way this little guy chews on everything, I'm not sure how long the toy itself will survive!


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