Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving=germ fest.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life; whether those things are amazing grandeur things, or simple, small things. It's a time to share your time with those you love.

So, as a late Thanks for Thanksgiving, I wanted to make a little list of things I am especially grateful for this year of 2012:

*    The magnificent little man
*    The magnificent not-so-little man
*    My family’s health
*    Our home {Yes, Colt—the one we live in now. I don’t care how tiny it is.}
*    My small family on my side
*    Colt’s huge family on his side {there are lots of you}
*    Digital cameras
*    Speed-squares
*    Air-compressor operated nail guns

It seems silly to mention it now, but this Thanksgiving we also shared a bit more than what we were thankful for:

The husband had been battling a horrible cold for a couple weeks now. He was tired and overworked, so I chalked it up to him catching a bug and pushing himself too hard the entire month {try no days off, as he worked like a Trojan on the house every day he had off, plus many late-nights at the regular job}.

On Thanksgiving-Eve, he was finally starting to feel better. We moved the RV up to Auntie’s house, gotten all settled in, and Colt took a nice long nap that afternoon. He was feeling much better. We even sat up late around the bonfire with his Uncle Billy while he kept an eye on the half-a-hog he had on the smoker. {yes, people still do that. and it is still amazingly delicious}

On Thanksgiving, I was super busy making my one casserole getting things prepared for dinner and keeping track of the boy {who was bouncing around between various family members the entire day}. We had an easy day of family, eating, and napping. {I actually took a nap after dinner! Can you believe it?! Me?! Sleep during the day! I know!} 

Throughout the day I thought W was starting to feel puny. Everyone said I was imagining things—worry-wart that I am—but give me a little bit of credit people, I know the boy like the back of my hand. We’re like this! {{holds up index and middle finger pressed together}}

Because Wally-World decided to further impede on family gatherings, their sales began that night. I have never been to a Black Friday sale, so I opted to run to the store with my sis-in-law Sam to help her grab a few things for her kiddos. While I was there, I snatched a new thermometer. And boy am I glad I did.

When I got back to the hubs and boy, they were getting ready for bed. Everything seemed okay, and Wyatt even had a bit of trouble going to sleep—he was super excited Aunt Janet and Uncle Michael were staying with us in the RV.

But then in the middle of the night he started crying. At one point his fever topped out at 104.6°! By morning, I was sick too, and Colt, along with me, Janet, and Michael had had exactly zero sleep.

We took him into the doctor that very next morning, lucking out with a day-after-Thanksgiving-8:30-appointment. They ran some blood panels and tested him for strep, but the doctor was sad to tell us it was viral. So we just had to wait it out. Story of our lives.

So Colt and I {along with the kiddo} headed home to die deal with the fever, snot, and coughing. That was the end of our Thanksgiving. L

By Monday, we were still feeling like crud {which I believe must be what zombies feel like as they rot from the inside out}, and we weren’t the only ones sick. Granny Darlene, Uncle Billy, Aunt Sam, Aunt Janet, Uncle Michael, and Nephew Brandon were all feeling under the weather. I guess that’s what we got for passing the baby around like a game of hot-potato.

So, even though Christmas is the season for sharing, I think we all learned a valuable lesson: Thanksgiving is the season of sharing as well—sharing germs, that is.


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