Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wyatt: this Week

Happy Thursday! 

  I just wanted to post a few quick pics of Wyatt from this past week! I know Papa in Florida loves getting new, up-to-date photos of Wyatt, and Aunt Kim in Memphis craves seeing his little face constantly. 

Here are a few photos from this past week!


Here's Wyatt in his crib-away-from-home. In the camper, Wyatt is still snoozing in his Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper.


While the hubster was finishing the utility room concrete this weekend, I took advantage of the wet concrete and pressed Wyatt's hands into the mud. Now I'm going to have a peek at my little man's tiny-hands every time I walked into the laundry room!


I'm not sure how he knows this is funny, as neither Colt nor I make a habit of wearing random things on our heads, but Wyatt does this with just about anything now-a-days. He thinks it is hilarious.


And of course, here's Wyatt's new toy chest {which is actually Colt's old one from when he was a kiddo!}.


 Lastly, here's a video clip from earlier this week of Wyatt trying to eat on of Mack's food bowl. He got caught red-handed, and I think he was a bit embarrassed, as he wouldn't go back over the bowl when I got the camera out! And again, he puts a bowl on his head-- I don't where he gets this stuff. :-)



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