Friday, December 7, 2012

The many pajamas of Wyatt Lee

It seems like every time I leave the house I come back with a set of pajamas for the little mister. I know, it's kind of silly, but I just love the look of him in a matching set of PJs.

Girls have big hair-bows, cutesy shoes, and jewelry. I've decided that other than his mohawk, cutesy little matching PJs is one way I can doll the little guy up. Let's face it: boys just can't accessorize the way little girls can.  Believe me, I asked. The hubs gave me a definitive and overly stern "No" when I asked about purchasing sippy cups in every color so we could coordinate outfits with monogrammed cups..

And sure, I doll him up when we go out... but we're at home a lot of the time. Other than the grocery store once a week, the park on sunny days, and our weekly trip to clean up Colt's office, we really don't have a reason to leave the house much. Wyatt does have a weekly music class, which we love, but with the holidays and sickness we haven't gotten to go much the last two months!

As for the pajamas, I just can't help but share a few lined up together. It's become a habit to snap a photo or two of him when I've dressed the little guy up in an outfit that strikes my fancy. It seems like I take lots more photos of PJs than I do of anything else. :-)

Maybe it's the stay at home mom in me, or maybe WL and I just wear our PJs WAY too much. Who knows!

Okay, I admit it-- he's not wearing bottoms in this one, but that's because he'd just had a diaper change. But I think it's blog-worthy because he's in SUCH a chipper mood.

He looks just like his mama in this one. Aw :-) We're the same in the morning. Grumpy.

This one was taken the week of his 1st birthday/during his first sick week. If I remember correctly (and I do, because this was a facebook update), he was mad in this one because a) he just woke up and b) he was upset that he only got 3.75 mL of pink amoxicillin.

See? He can be happy just after waking up! AND he's got bed-head in this one! Be still my heart.

It could also be mentioned that I screen-printed the "w" myself using wax paper and cut-out font. Kinda neat, but it takes a lot of patience that I don't have.

Here's earlier this week. He and I both think they are super-duper.

And of course, what little boy doesn't need a pair of 'jamas with road-signs-galore?

And lastly, every boy needs a dino-mite pair of PJs.

Happy Friday, everybody! We're sheathing the exterior this weekend! Yep! My house could be called a "shack" after this weekend, instead of a pole barn. LOL



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  1. Oh goodness. I love all of these. I am having so much trouble deciding what to get him for Christmas, but I think cutesy clothing will be the solution. Yay!