Monday, December 3, 2012

Where in the world is...

..Carmen San Diego? {Sing it with me…}

Ah, to be 8 years old again and enjoying kiddo-game-shows like this one here.

But, back to being an adult.. Seriously, I’m sure all our friends and family have been wondering the same thing this month. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego are the Gibsons?

Well, my dear friends, for the entire month of November {shy Thanksgiving week} we have been splitting our time equally between our lovely home in Rossville, and our one-day-we-promise-it-will-be-lovely home in Hammondville. Yes, that’s right!

But wait—you might be shouting at your computer screen {or maybe not at all}—how can you be –living- at a construction site half-time?

Good question! Move your bee up! {sorry, it just comes naturally to incorporate positive reinforcement using a color-coded bee-hive-ior chart. Get it? Bee-hive-ior/Bee-havior!}

Last summer, when Wyatt was still just a tiny little man, the hubster and I purchased an RV. We had many ideas for what we would use it for. We love going to bluegrass festivals. We enjoy camping with friends. We also like the idea of having our own traveling-hotel-room-on-wheels. And we absolutely LOVE the idea of working well into the night, knowing that our little guy is safe and sound and warm in our little home away from home.  So we bought a 28 ft RV-camper that gives us all of the above mentioned things.

So, back to the point, we’ve been staying in our little camper for days at a time {one week we actually stayed the ENTIRE week! Woohoo!} And we’ve gotten a lot accomplished. Sadly, I was so busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off chasing Wyatt or playing gopher for Colt that I completely tanked remembering to snap photos along the way. So, without further ado, here are the latest and greatest pictures of the Hammondville House {I need to think of a better name…}

The doors don't actually go where they are standing. We've just got them leaned against the framing (and secured in place) to keep them from blowing over. Gotta jump on a deal when you see it! I bought both doors for a combined price of $600 from Southeastern Salvage!
Kenny (bro-in-law/super-duper-important-Chatt-inspector) and Colt (super-duper-handsome-hubster-and-builder-extraordinaire) work on framing in my many windows.
Both the guys stop working {a lot! jk!} to snap a photo for Papa Steve in Florida. They're crabbin'! Hah! Family joke!

Over all, I think we got a LOT accomplished for the month of November. Thinking back, I wish I had made a running list of things I needed to get accomplished. I know it seems like all the framing was probably completed in a few days, and it COULD be done that quickly, if you hired an actual framing crew. But when you have a scale-technician, a teacher, two cosmetologists, and a city inspector running the show, it sometimes takes longer. A lot longer. ;-) 

Better late than never, I guess-- Here's our new list of things we are working on {or have finished!}:

*    dirt work (to level off house-pad)
*    block work (to secure perimeter of house and create a nice level field to pour concrete pad)
*    finish concrete (buffed shiny finish—our concrete IS our flooring. I can’t wait to show everyone pictures of the finished product!)
*    have well dug
*    install H-structure for electrical box
*    dig underground power
*    set posts
*    trusses
*    roof system!
*    install well-pump and tank
*    frame downstairs
*    frame upper level
*    rough-in all windows
*    order windows
*    Get some doors!
*    Pour utility room concrete pad
*    Install last two roofing sheets
*    Frame restroom
*    Frame utility room
*    House wrap!
*    Plywood time
*    Insert/secure windows and doors (completing dry-in!)
*    Build roof over porch

I think this list can be dubbed Phase 1 of building, since our goal this fall has been to get the house dried-in before winter hits full force. So far, we’ve gotten pretty lucky and there hasn’t been much freezing. Hopefully we’ll get it completely dried-in soon, so we’ll be able to work on things like plumbing and electrical within the confines of the actual house—thereby being able to heat while we work!


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