Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, WL!

I don't think its any secret we're knee-high in a river of right now. And that mess doesn't stop at the new house, it sort of bleeds over into our current house as well; so this year for Wyatt's birthday, we weren't really prepared (and didn't want to be) for having a get-together at either of our home's.

Instead, Colt tossed out the idea of catching a local bluegrass festival we've always enjoyed going to-- 3 Sister's Bluegrass Festival in downtown Chattanooga.

It just so happens 3 Sisters takes place the first weekend of October every year-- so Wyatt's birthday party is always the same weekend it seems.

I thought it was a great idea.

I put this together using nothing but MS Paint, and a bit of creative copy and pasting within the program.
Because you're not supposed to bring food to the festival (there are vendors) and the festival is FREE, it was sort of a simple party. (I did bring cupcakes.) It was more of a reason for all the people that love Wyatt to get together and enjoy music together. :-)

Here are some photos of the day!

He's really into Ninja Turtles right now. :-)

Myself and sis-in-law Samantha, sporting our pixie cuts :-)
Nanna and Greg

Me and my handsome mister <3

Aunt Cranberry (Wyatt's newest and most improved version of "Kimberley") and myself

WL enjoying some southern sweeeeeeeeet tea avec TMNT mask. (Note: it's turned inside out because he wanted to be able to see the color of the mask, while he was wearing it.)

Nanna and the birthday boy

Wyatt and pretty-much-his-favorite-person, cousin Colby.  Oh, and a ninja sword. Because you need that at a bluegrass festival.

Steel Drivers, great band!

Wyatt clapping after a performance. I wish I had this on video, as he kept screaming, "Woohoo! HOORAY!"

Overall, it was a great celebration for the little guy. I was even thankful that the day before, on his actual birthday, we got to spend the day together without lots of people. We hit up a donut shop, took photos out on the Battlefield, had lunch with Colt, did a bit of shopping, and then went home and made cupcakes together.

Great day with a great little boy.

...who is growing up WAY TOO FAST.


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