Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday in the South

Just another Sunday...

After Wyatt's birthday stuff on Saturday, we got to work at the new house on Sunday morning.

First order of business-- adding some more drywall mud to the screw holes.

While I touched up the screw holes and went over the seams from last weekend, Colt got to work finishing up hanging the rest of the drywall in the kitchen.

I would've finished up the kitchen seams, but alas-- I ran out of drywall mud. #headsmack  I only bought a 1 gallon tub before we started, because I wasn't sure how far I would get and I've never done drywall before. I was a bit hesitant to buy the 5 gallon bucket, for fear that it would dry up if I didn't use it all that weekend. (I've since heard not to worry about that, as long as you seal the lid you should be good a quite a while.)

After that, the mister got busy hanging more moisture barrier in the bathroom, and I had some lunch with W on the porch. (I also began cleaning up the porch while we were out there. It gets to be such a mess while we're working inside.)

Note: I cannot wait to refinish/paint that church pew. can. not wait. (I've even thought about chopping it in half and making it into two matching benches that can sit under both sets of windows.)

After lunch, Colt wanted to hang moisture barrier in the living room-- but in order to do that, he would need the scaffolding.

Luckily, we own scaffolding, and it's set-up in the living room (convenient, you say?). But sadly, in order to use it, we would need to roll it across the room, and that was impossible due to the mess we had growing in there.

We (one of us begrudgingly) got to work cleaning everything up, putting things away, tossing other stuffs into garbage cans, sweeping, etc. After about 30 minutes, the living room was tidy (Hooray!)

Colt got busy hanging the moisture barrier on the front wall (pictured above) while Wyatt and I took a walk.

When we got back,  Wyatt played on the porch while I cleaned up the laundry room.

I took a few last photos of the house progress for this week. (Some were taken with my camera, others with my phone-- the camera went dead toward the end.)

 Whew. I don't think that's too bad considering we only worked on Sunday.


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