Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Progress Check.

After sharing photos of our drywall progress from this weekend, I started thinking about how much more drywall we have to complete, you know, on a whole-house-scale.


Saying the kitchen’s drywall is up sounds AMAZING. As in, the cabinets will be delivered this week and then my kitchen will actually LOOK LIKE A KITCHEN.

Saying that (even out loud to myself) sounds like we’re practically FINISHED.

But alas, we have a long road to go…

I’m still up in the air as to whether we actually need moisture barrier in our home. Colt’s researched it quite a bit and is convinced the R-value it adds to the house alone is worth it. (For those that aren’t aware, there’s a portion of the construction community that claims moisture barrier—in addition to housewrap, not in lieu of—places a stopgap between heated air inside a structure and the colder air on the outside in winter and the reverse in summer. They claim that with this moisture barrier between the inside of the house and the insulation, you avoid moisture being condensed onto your insulation, 2x4s, etc, therefore avoiding mold build-up. Which is funnier the more I think about it, because we used Roxul Stone Wool Insulation for that very reason---- it doesn’t support mold growth.)

Annnnnyway—I’m hoping to update the graphic above (more for my own personal progress check than anything else).  Can’t wait to finish the rest of that drywall in the kitchen this weekend!


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