Monday, October 27, 2014

Painting behind a toilet…

…without having to remove the tank.


This week I worked on priming the bathroom walls, adding a second coat to the kitchen paint, and narrowing down a color for the bathroom walls.


I’m still on the fence about the color. I’d like to brighten it up somehow—but maybe with white trim and such, it won’t feel so beige and dark to me.


Anyway, we installed the toilet a few months ago and painting behind it seemed like it was going to be a huge task—which in my mind, had to include un-installing the entire toilet. The space between the toilet and the wall doesn’t really leave much room for paint brushes.


Then I saw these little beauts hanging at HD and thought to myself—“Self, these could work.” If I added a paint stir stick.




It worked like a charm. The stir stick and the pad actually fit together amazingly well—I wonder if they designed these with this task in mind? (Probably not…lol)



Anyway, happy painting!


I also shared a kid tip this week via Instragram on how to keep your kiddo busy while you’re tackling painting.




(Please remember to always paint in a WELL VENTILATED AREA. For me, our bathroom is still open-air to the rest of the house. I keep the windows open while we’re painting, and fans strategically placed to avoid fumes bothering anyone.)


Oh yeah, and here’s the after-paint image of the bathroom. (Try to keep in mind, as I am, that the paint is still wet in this photo, therefore it very well could dry 5 shades later. Fingers crossed. If not, I’m off to the HD again for more paint. )



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